Audits should always be carried out by an independent external provider. Get a professional opinion on whether your organisation is compliant. Remember that even where you believe you are only employing EEA nationals, fraud is prevalent. Your organisation may be at risk.

An audit is essential for those companies that have received a penalty notice stating that their organisation must pay a civil fine. Further penalties can result in the details of your company being published on the Home Office’s website.

We can carry out a full audit of all right to work documentation held by your company or use a sample of personnel files. This will give you an overview of your risk exposure should an illegal worker be identified or an audit conducted by the Home Office.

We can also audit your policies, procedures and processes to identify risk. These risks are often required to be reported to the Board.

Many companies which provide labour on an agency basis are often asked to give an assurance that their companies are compliant. We can provide your business with a certificate confirming the results of our audit.


We offer competitive prices, based on the size of your organisation and number of sites.